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30 Hour Funding

30 Hour funding entitlement information

Wow! Board


Don't forget that we have a board where you can share information with us about your child’s achievements or special experiences outside Nursery. It can be about anything such as learning to ride a bike, the arrival of a new baby or going somewhere interesting. The Wow! Board is on the doors of the large cupboard near the entrance area and nearby are star shaped cards, pens and blu-tack in a basket.

Half Term Plans


Should the school and the nursery be forced to close due to bad weather please be aware of our contigency plan.


The decision to close would be made as early as possible by Mr MacDonald, Headteacher of the school. We would inform our parents via the website www.elmsteadnursery.co.uk. We are told that the local radio stations will no longer be able to broadcast school closure information.


We do, of course, endeavour to remain open, but the decision to close would be taken in the interest of everyone’s safety.

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Hot dinner menu Hot Dinner Menu

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2019-20 Term Dates

Term dates for the 2019-20 academic year